To Turn, To Repent

Third Sunday in Lent, Year C
Scripture: Luke 13:1-9

To repent means to turn or return after seeing what you have done or not done is wrong. It is a change of mind – turning away from the evil ways, toward the good ways.  The first part of today’s Gospel may seem like another version of the age-old question: why are some people killed in bizarre accidents — and others amazingly spared?

However, today’s lesson is not about good guys or bad guys, but rather about turning your life around so you are ready to meet God.  It is about feeding our souls with the good, nurturing ourselves so we will produce good things, and turning over the soil of our lives so we can begin again and again.

Download the Lesson Plans for the Third Sunday in Lent

LPTW Lent 3, Year C, Younger Children
LPTW Lent 3, Year C, Older Children
LPTW Lent 3, Year C, Adults

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