Come and See

Second Sunday after the Epiphany
Scripture: John 1:43-51

Jesus has begun to put together his team. In this passage, Philip hears Jesus say, “Come with me.” And he does. As it is dawning on Philip who this Jesus really is, he goes and finds his slightly skeptical friend, Nathanael, to tell him that they have found the one they had heard about. Nathanael remains dubious—how could anything good come out of Nazareth? Philip, confident that Nathanael will see what he has seen, insists, “Come with me.” Jesus sees Nathanael as he really is and calls him forth. Nathanael knows, now, that Jesus is the “Son of God.”

Download the Lesson Plans for the Second Sunday in Epiphany

LPTW Epiphany 2, Year B, Younger Children
LPTW Epiphany 2, Year B, Older Children
LPTW Epiphany 2, Year B, Adults
LPTW Epiphany 2, Year B, All

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