Where is the Child

Second Sunday after Christmas
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12

Those in power are often threatened by those who might be even more powerful. So it was with King Herod. The wise often have to go home by a different way. So it was with the three kings. In this passage, Matthew invites us to see that the gift of baby Christ will find little acceptance among those he came to – and the gift given is for those who continue to share it. This passage provides the transition from gazing in wonder at the gift to empowering us to go out into the world and share it with those who have not yet noticed the gift.

Download the Lesson Plans for the Second Sunday after Christmas

LPTW Christmas 2, Year B, Younger Children
LPTW Christmas 2, Year B, Older Children
LPTW Christmas 2, Year B, Adults
LPTW Christmas 2, Year B, All

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