Who is this Jesus?

Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany, Year B
Scripture: Mark 1:21-28

Who is this man? He now has a little band of raw recruits – eager to serve yet largely clueless. Does Jesus send them off to school? No. He shows them. He models the behavior that will form disciples. He teaches with authority. He is right where they are – not way over their heads. He heals when he notices it is needed. Who he is speaks powerfully: as one with authority.

Note: Episcopal Migration Ministries has written special lesson plans for the first four weeks of Epiphany. They can be found here.

Download the lesson plans for the Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

LPTW Epiphany 4, Year B, Younger Children
LPTW Epiphany 4, Year B, Older Children
LPTW Epiphany 4, Year B, Adults
LPTW Epiphany 4, Year B, All

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