God is Doing a New Thing!

Fifth Sunday in Lent, Year C, Old Testament
Scripture: Isaiah 43:16-21

We have moved from the story-telling kind of narratives in our Hebrew Scripture lesson, to the more poetic voice of Isaiah. (You might want to remind the children that the Bible is made up of all kinds of writing, such as stories, letters, laws, and songs.) We don’t listen to this kind of writing the same way that we listen to a narrative story. Today’s reading is a kind of poetry through which we still hear the voice of God. This passage from Isaiah references the stories we have heard in the past few weeks, but calls us to move past simple remembrance into participation into God’s new and ongoing action in the world.

Download the lesson plans for the Fifth Week in Lent

LPTW Lent 5, Year C, Old Testament, Younger Children
LPTW Lent 5, Year C, Old Testament, Older Children

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