I Believe

Third Sunday of Easter, Year B, Acts Lesson Plan

Scripture: Acts 3: (1-11)*, 12-19

During Eastertide, the Old Testament readings are replaced in the lectionary with passages from the book of Acts. This week Peter calls on the people to repent and turn their hearts to Jesus. Peter is addressing a crowd of people who did not believe Jesus was the Son of God when he was sent to the cross to die; however, after the resurrection, many people heard rumors of this miraculous event and questioned their own disbelief. Immediately before today’s story, Peter and John offer the name of Christ to a crippled beggar on the road. At the name of Jesus the beggar is healed and jumps up and down in celebration. The people who witnessed that healing are amazed and confused. Peter’s monologue from today’s story is aimed at those people and at inviting them to believe in the One in whose name miraculous healing takes place.

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LPTW Easter 3, Year B, Acts, Younger Children
LPTW Easter 3, Year B, Acts, Older Children

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