Pentecost, Year B, Acts Lesson

Scripture: Acts 2: 1 – 11

The focal scripture for Pentecost is Acts 2: 1-21. Jesus had told them to wait. Wait until the “advocate” appeared. They had no clue who this advocate would be, but they trusted Jesus.

They were probably together to celebrate Shavu’ot, which was also called Pentecost because it occurred 50 days after Passover. Passover has brought physical freedom. At Shavu’ot people gratefully celebrated the “giving” of the Torah (the first five books found in our Bible), which brought freedom from idolatry.

On the Feast of Pentecost, “it” happened. The only account we have is provided by Luke in this Acts passage. We can probably identify with Luke’s reaching for the right words to describe what happened: “It was like …” Yes. Wind. Fire. Now the disciples are not just speaking – they are communicating. Each person there understands. Now the disciples are ready to do the work Jesus gave them to do.

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