Published by the Episcopal Church and designed to follow the Revised Common Lectionary, these lesson plans are written by experienced church school teachers using practical approaches to respond to the needs of volunteer teachers.

Both a lesson plan for young children and a lesson plan for older children are offered each week, and inter-generational lesson plans are available for many major feast days throughout the liturgical year.

These lesson plans can be used as written, or they are easy to adapt to reflect the context of your congregation’s children’s program.

Church affiliates — such as congregations, dioceses and member organizations — may copy or republish materials carried on this site as long as proper credit is given to Lesson Plans That Work and the author. Any other entities must seek permission from the Lesson Plans That Work editor before copying or republishing Lesson Plans That Work materials.

Lesson Plans That Work materials may not be sold, rented, modified or in any way commercially exploited.

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