Liturgical Calendar

Year C
DayGospelGospel Lesson PlanOld Testament/Acts Lesson
First Sunday of AdventJeremiah 33: 14-16
Luke 21:25-36
Choosing to NoticeGod Promises Justice and Goodness
Second Sunday of AdventBaruch 5:1-9
Luke 3:1-6
Prepare the Way of the LordGod's Goodness Glows
Third Sunday of AdventZephaniah 3:14-20
Luke 3:7-18
What then Should We Do?Rejoice! God Will Care for God's People
Fourth Sunday of AdventMicah 5:2-5a
Luke 1:39-45(46-55)
Who is this Child?The Good, Peaceful Leader Comes
First Sunday after ChristmasIsaiah 61:10-62:3
John 1:1-18
The Word Became FleshJoy to the World
Second Sunday after ChristmasJeremiah 31:7-14
Matthew 2:13-15,19-23
Boy in the TempleGod's Great Love
EpiphanyHappy Epiphany!n/a
First Sunday after EpiphanyIsaiah 43:1-7
Luke 3:15-17,21-22
I Have Called You By NameI Have Called You by Name, You are Mine
Second Sunday after EpiphanyIsaiah 62:1-5
John 2:1-11
Welcome to the Wedding BanquetThe Lord Delights in You
Third Sunday after EpiphanyNehemiah 8:1-3, 5-6, 8-10
Luke 4:14-21
The Spirit of the Lord is Upon MeThe Joy of the Lord is Your Strength
Fourth Sunday after EpiphanyJeremiah 1:4-10
Luke 4:21-30
Prophets in Their HometownGod Calls Each of Us
Fifth Sunday after the EpiphanyIsaiah 6:1-8, (9-13)
Luck 5:1-11
Come Fish for PeopleThe Call of Isaiah
Sixth Sunday after the EpiphanyJeremiah 17:5-10
Luke 6:17-26
BlessingTrust in the Lord
Seventh Sunday after the EpiphanyGenesis 45:3-11, 15
Luke 6:27-38
Love, Bless, GiveJoseph is Reconciled
Last Sunday after EpiphanyExodus 34:29-35
Luke 9:28-36,(37-43a)
A Cloud DescendingMoses is Transfigured When Meeting with God
First Sunday in LentDeuteronomy 26:1-11
Luke 4:1-13
Facing TemptationsRemembering and Anticipation
Second Sunday in LentGenesis 15:1-12, 17-18
Luke 13:31-35
As a Hen Gathers Her ChicksGod Promises Abram and Sarai
Third Sunday in LentExodus 3:1-15
Luke 13:1-9
To Turn, To RepentGod Promises to be with Moses
Fourth Sunday in LentJoshua 5:9-12
Luke 15:1-3,11b-32
Amazing GraceRemembering
Fifth Sunday in LentIsaiah 43:16-21
John 12:1-8
When to Store Up and When to Pour OutGod is Doing a New Think!
Palm SundayIsaiah 50:4-9a
Luke 22:14—23:56 or Luke 23:1-49
Palm SundayThe Suffering Servant
Easter DayActs 10:34-43
John 20:1-18 or Luke 24:1-12
Alleluia, Christ is RisenBeing a Sign for Jesus
Second Sunday of Easter (Intergenerational)Acts 5:27-32
John 20:19-31
Easter is a Giftn/a
Second Sunday of EasterActs 5:27-32
John 20:19-31
Peace Be With YouGod is Our Strength
Third Sunday of EasterActs 9:1-6, (7-20)John 21:1-19AbundanceGod Comes to Us
Fourth Sunday of EasterActs 9:36-43
John 10:22-30
My Sheep Hear My VoiceJesus Heals Through Us
Fifth Sunday of EasterActs 11:1-18
John 13:31-35
Love One AnotherGod Created Everyone and Everything Good
Sixth Sunday of EasterActs 16:9-15
John 14:23-29 or John 5:1-9
Sending of the Holy SpiritBaptism is a Reminder
Seventh Sunday of EasterActs 16:16-34
John 17:20-26
Diversity and OnenessGod is With Us
Day of PentecostActs 2:1-21
John 14:8-17,(25-27)
Pentecost!We Share the Good News with Others
Trinity SundayJohn 16:12-15Trinity and CommunityWe Seek Wisdom
Proper 41 Kings 18:20-21 (22-29), 30-39
Luke 7:1-10
Help and HealingGod Listens to Us
Proper 51 Kings 17:8-16 (17-24)
Luke 7:11-17
Healing and CompassionAbundance
Proper 61 Kings 21:1-10 (11-14) , 15-21a
Luke 7:36—8:3
Forgiveness Leads to GratitudeBe Grateful for What We Have
Proper 71 Kings 19:1-4 (5-7), 8-15a
Luke 8:26-39
Demons Blown AwayGod Speaks in the Silence
Proper 82 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14
Luke 9:51-62
Following JesusElijah Goes Up in a Whirlwind
Proper 92 Kings 5:1-14
Luke 10:1-11,16-20
Sent in PairsHealing and Wholeness
Proper 10Amos 7:7-17
Luke 10:25-37
Go and Do Likewisecoming soon
Proper 11Amos 8:1-12
Luke 10:38-42
Choosing the Better Partcoming soon
Proper 12Hosea 1:2-10
Luke 11:1-13
Lord, Teach Us To Praycoming soon
Proper 13Hosea 11:1-11
Luke 12:13-21
Becoming Rich Toward Godcoming soon
Proper 14Isaiah 1:1, 10-20
Luke 12:32-40
Where Your Treasure Iscoming soon
Proper 15Isaiah 5:1-7
Luke 12:49-56
Risking the Choice to Changecoming soon
Proper 16Jeremiah 1:4-10
Luke 13:10-17
You are Freecoming soon
Proper 17Jeremiah 2:4-13
Luke 14:1,7-14
True Hospitalitycoming soon
Proper 18Jeremiah 18:1-11
Luke 14:25-33
Cross to CarryBuild and Plant
Proper 19Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28
Luke 15:1-10
The Lost are FoundThe Wind Blows
Proper 20Jeremiah 8:18-9:1
Luke 16:1-13
Choosing Whom We Will ServeTurn Toward God
Proper 21Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15
Luke 16:19-31
Noticing Who We SeeBuilding and Growing
Proper 22Lamentations 1:1-6
Luke 17:5-10
Choosing To Do Our WorkHope in Hopeless Times
Proper 23Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7
Luke 17:11-19
Choosing Gratitudecoming soon
Proper 24Jeremiah 31:27-34
Luke 18:1-8
Pray Hopefully and ConstantlyGod’s Mercy is Everlasting
Proper 25Joel 2:23-32
Luke 18:9-14
Aligning Our Hearts with Our Behaviorcoming soon
All Saints Day (Intergenerational)Daniel 7:1-3, 15-18
Luke 6:20-31
For All The Saints (Intergenerational)n/a
All Saints DayDaniel 7:1-3, 15-18
Luke 6:20-31
For All The Saintscoming soon
Proper 26Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4
Luke 19:1-10
Jesus Seeks to Find and Save the Lostcoming soon
Proper 27Haggai 1:15b-2:9
Luke 20:27-38
The Right Answer to the Wrong Questioncoming soon
Proper 28Isaiah 65:17-25
Luke 21:5-19
Faithful to God Who is Faithful to Uscoming soon
Proper 29Jeremiah 23:1-6
Luke 23:33-43
Christ the King of Love and Gracecoming soon