A season of waiting as we prepare for the coming of Christ. This season begins the new year in the church and starts four weeks before Christmas.


A season of celebrating and remembering Christ coming into the world. This begins on Christmas and is 12 days long.


The season of light follows Christmas as we celebrate the Magi coming to Christ and the beginning of the ministry of Jesus in the world.


This season before Easter begins on Ash Wednesday and goes through Holy Saturday (the Saturday before Easter.) It is marked as a season of preparing yourself for the risen Christ and is often marked with special prayer, discipline, and fasting.


In the season of Easter we celebrate the risen Christ for 50 days.

Pentecost/Ordinary Time

The day of Pentecost (which happens 50 days after Easter) marks the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples and to the world. The Season after Pentecost or Ordinary Time (coming from the word “ordinal” which means counted time) is the season we hear stories of Jesus ministry in the world and our call to engage in that mission.