Environmental Resources

Climate Change Crisis: 30 Days of Action

Following up on the Climate Change Crisis forum, 30 Days of Action is an invitation for individuals to address climate change for 30 days – to learn, advocate, act, proclaim, eat, play and pray. Focusing on environmental change on a personal, community and global level for 30 days can help Episcopalians proclaim a commitment to caring for God’s creation.

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Prayerful consideration of this earth can bring us closer to God’s creation and is an integral part of how we care for the environment. Each Sunday of 30 Days of Action, we will suggest a prayer for God’s creation. During these 30 Days, as we work together to address climate change, may we also be reminded of the glory and splendor that is God’s green earth.


“Eating is an environmental act. No matter how insulated we might be in office cubicles and urban streets, no matter how little time we spend outdoors, each and every one of us is tied to the earth by the food we eat. The simple act of breaking bread together in church could link us to erosion problems on a wheat farm in the Midwest or pesticide poisoning among grape farmers in Chile. A quick pick-up from a fast food restaurant can put us in touch with the shrinking number of potato varieties grown in the U.S. and the excess manure produced by a factory farm. Every time we buy food, we participate in environmental degradation or support practices that sustain God’s creation or, perhaps, we do some of each.” – Just Eating: Practicing our Faith at the Table by Jennifer Halteman Schrock, M.Div

Every Friday during these 30 Days of Actions, we invite you to explore how the growing and sharing of food in your family, community and culture bring you closer God’s invitation to all of us to “till and keep” the earth.


Time in nature gives us a chance to experience the wonder and awe of God’s creation.  As we play and do things we enjoy while in nature, we are are truly ourselves and in a place where God might speak to us or inspire us.  In a relaxed state of mind, we are able to fully experience the surprises and the unexpected in nature.  We are able to let go of our concerns for a time and simply be ourselves before God.

Every Saturday during these 30 Days of Actions, we will suggest a way you can play in nature. We hope you will bring a friend or family member, enjoy the feel of the sunshine on your face, and take this opportunity to become closer to God’s creation.