The saints are “the lights of the world in every generation,” people whose lives and deeds have shone brightly and helped others more closely follow God. There are saints who lived long ago and there are saints living and working in the world today, saints who are known by the church and saints who are known only to God. We say that the church—we—are part of the Communion of Saints, the company of all faithful people, connected through our baptism to those Christians who have died, those who are alive now, and those who haven’t yet been born. The word “saint” means holy.

In the Episcopal Church we have a Calendar of Saints, holy men and women we remember in prayer and with readings from the Bible on their feast day.

Absalom Jones – February 13

Martin Luther King Jr. – April 4

Mary Magdalene – July 22

Francis of Assisi – October 4

Martin of Tours – November 11

Margaret of Scotland – November 17

Nicholas of Myra – December 6


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